I is for Icecream project

If you ever want to use an easy project for kids to remember the letter "I", try this!
Give each child a icecream page. That can be achieved by drawing a bowl shape at the bottom of the page and 3 colored circles representing chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla icecream!
Provide "toppings" for the kids to put on their icecream.
I gave them some sprinkles, carmel and chocolate sauce, cherries, bananans, whipped cream, jelly beans, and chocolate chips.
Let them decorate!


Very simple, and they had just as much fun creating their masterpieces as they would with real icecream - only without the mess! :)
And there's the finished product! What a mess! Haha, but it did really help.
Everytime I reviewed the letter I, they always remembered the long "I" sound from the icecream craft they had made!


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