Fall Fashion: Layers

It's now November 1st, and I have no idea where the time has gone...
I haven't posted in so long because I've been working on things for the CRAFT SHOW COMING UP!!! Whoo-hoo! Hopefully, I won't be too exhausted to enjoy the sales I'm going to make.
Anyway, like I was saying, November is here, and I always like setting my clothing styles towards a darker (and warmer) fall look. October is set more towards bright oranges, cheerful yellows, or vivid greens and reds, but now, in late Fall, I like to put my fashion to darker colors.

Here is one example and one trick as well: Layer your Look.

Start off with a patterned shirt (I used my summer nautical shirt for this.) Any print will work, especially polka dots! I love polka dots.

To make it look "Fall-ish", add a tan, or dark brown vest or sweater over it. Next, a hunter green, plum, or maroon sweater. Any length sleeve will work. This layering technique is great for keeping you warm too!
Add matching Fall jewelry and a scarf, if desired. Finish off with a slouch beanie and some black or brown boots. :)

Don't forget your coat and mittens. It's getting cold out there!

It's sad to see the trees lose their bright Fall colors. Everything is getting cloudy, cold, and mushy. But, that's okay, because I love the winter season too!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I will be posting some more blogs soon!  
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