Pond Sensory Bin

Here's another great sensory bin idea for your classroom.
A pond theme

He liked this one a lot! It had water with water beads and marbles in it. Endless, splashing fun!

I also put rubber ducks, froggies, lizards, snakes, lilypads, alligators, skidoos, fish, and seaweed in it. 
 He liked playing with these little creatures.
I also put measuring cups in spoons for him to stir and pour the marbles into containers.
We also dyed our pond water with food coloring. He enjoyed squirting the color and then mixing it in.
but I think the best part about the whole bin was adding platic tubes.
This was his VERY favorite part! He put the marbles down and watched them swirl and slide down the tubes and back into the bin. And to be honest, I enjoyed it myself too! :)
There are many things he can learn while playing with the pond bin. It keeps him quiet and entertained for hours!
And once you add the water beads in with the water, you'll find it hard to break away from the bin as well. No wonder he loved playing with this theme... I enjoyed it too!


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