Easy Fall Candle Craft

This is a very simple craft you can make in less than 10 minutes! It adds a nice touch to a fireplace mantel, a shelf, or a table that's decorated for fall!
It casts a dim glow when lit, adding beauty to any decor.

All you need is some tissue paper - the color can be your choice. Some scissors, a pen, an empty jar, a tealight or votive candle, and some twine, ribbon, lace, or any decoration. (optional)

First, cut out the correct amount of tissue paper by measuring around the jar. Next, trace a picture onto your tissue paper with the pen.

Cut out the shape (carefully!)
I ripped so many pieces of tissue paper... this step requires PATIENCE . . . which I don't have much of when it comes to tiny detailed things.

Next, wrap the tissue paper around the jar and tape it in place.

This is my jar - with a leaf cutout! You can also add a small detail around the top of the jar! I wrapped twine around several times and finished it off with a bow. You can wrap ribbon around it, or lace, beads, charms, flowers, buttons... anything, really! Make it cute! 
After you've finished that, drop a votive or tea light candle in there, light it, and admire your work!
Thanks for reading!


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