Dinsoaur Sensory Bin

Here's a sensory bin idea that works really well (especially for the little guys in the class!)

A Dinosaur sensory bin!

He loved it and it was so easy to put together!

Use sand as the base and add seashells, plastic trees and plants, fake flowers, and of course, dinosaurs!
I also put a smaller container in the bin and filled it with water and aquarium stones. He let the dinosaurs "drink" from the water.
This sensory bin can be used for many different things: creative thinking skills, counting (we counted the seashells), fine motor skills, and so many other things to do with him while he was playing.

He loved using the sticks I provided to bury shells, and the small dinos. We also used soup beans to "plant" in the sand and we also used them as food for the hungry dinos. Overall, he really enjoyed himself and played for a long time!


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