Carrier for Small Pets.

When you get a new pet, you can't resist showing him/her off, right? Right! But, the problem with having a hedgehog, you can't bring her on a leash, and holding her is nearly impossible because she's so curious. . .
So I decided to make a carrier for her, and depending on the size of the bag, you could carry a guinea pig, a hamster, or anything in it, really!

This is the case I made.
*I bought a plain purse at Dollar General (Yard Sales would also be great places to find the purse you need.)
*I cut out the middle pocket and also a large hole in the front.
*Using a screen piece from Ace, I hot glued the screen over the hole.
*Next, I prettied it up! To cover the ugly glue spots, I attached rick-rack and pink ribbon around the screen. This also attracted attention to my friend inside. :)
*To close off the top, I was going to attach snaps, but I think the ribbon made it look cuter.
*To keep the bottom of the purse clean, I used a piece of thick cardboard with a plastic bag over it, and lastly, scrap fabric to cover it all. That way, if your pet makes any mess inside, you can simply remove the cloth, wash it, and put it back on again!

Here's the inside, and you can kind of see the bottom piece I made. It really does make clean up so much easier! :)
I wanted to attach a shoulder strap, but I think the handles were good enough!
So that's it! A carrying case for your little critter. I use the purse when I'm shopping at a few stores or going for a walk. I wouldn't recommend keeping them in the purse for a long period of time or bringing them into a store or restaurant that says "No pets allowed." He he he ;)
It was good to bring her out in the fresh air, and she really enjoyed her little "outing", and I got so many compliments on my purse AND my pet! :)


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