Make your own dry erase boards

Here's a DIY for making your own dry-erase boards! I love using mine!

I made it long ago (like 3 years long ago!) So, I don't have any step by step pics to show you as I go along.

Start with a plain picture frame...
Then put something nice inside the frame- scrapbook paper, a pretty picture... anything you'd like! I made a music page to match my room decor! :p
And that's it! You can use dry erase markers to write a message on the glass
and it wipes right off.
Set it on your dresser or counter, add a magnet strip to the back and attach it to the fridge, or hang it on the wall.
Of course, it would be easier to buy an actual dry-erase board...
But the one you'd make would be a lot prettier and even better...
It was made by you!


Thanks for reading!


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